Full Name
Lisa Palmer
Job Title
Chief Technical Advisor, Americas
Speaker Bio
Lisa Palmer is the Chief Technical Advisor – Americas at Splunk, Inc. She is passionate about the ethical application of technology, particularly data and Artificial Intelligence, and is on a personal mission: Educate 500 million people about AI to ensure positive impact upon humanity.

Lisa has a unique perspective earned through her "jungle gym" (vs ladder) career journey… ◾ IT Practitioner (CIO) ◾ Technology Field Enterprise Sales (Microsoft) ◾ Technology Research & Advisory for Executives (Gartner) ◾ CMO and Marketing Professor ◾ Doctoral Student - Artificial Intelligence

As an executive-focused thought leader, she offers guidance with customer success as her true north. She firmly believes that purpose and profits can both be achieved by organizations who wisely craft data strategy and thoughtfully apply AI. "If we can make good, safe, and responsible AI profitable, whilst making dangerous and irresponsible AI costly, then we achieve the best possible result for humanity." R. Carrier
Lisa Palmer