Full Name
Chris Riordan
Job Title
Chief Technology Officer
Speaker Bio
As RavenTek’s CTO, Chris Riordan provides guidance and oversight on the latest technologies for a range of large government IT initiatives and programs. Mr. Riordan is an expert full-stack engineer and solutions architect who has worked closely with the Department of Defense as well as federal civilian agencies to lead many multi-cloud projects with a strong focus on data architecture. He credits his management approach on cybersecurity and IT performance to his own experience physically or virtually relocating and modernizing many customer production environments. His experience analyzing requirements, planning integration, and implementing solutions to meet business objectives has allowed RavenTek to be selective in the technologies they deliver to our customers. Using the power of the Splunk Platform, Mr. Riordan spearheaded RavenTek’s RavenVISION framework to provide customers with a consolidated observability platform built by aggregating many visibility datasets across their environments. With RavenVISION (Visibility Integration of Security, Infrastructure, Operations and Network) Mr. Riordan champions using the RavenVISION data intelligence maturity model to build a methodology, inform architecture, and engineer roadmaps that enable RavenTek’s customers to use data as a foundation of successful zero trust architectures and mature their compliance with other federal mandates such as M21-31.
Chris Riordan